Data Privacy

Through this legal warning, SBC SERVICIOS BÁSICOS DE CONGRESOS SL (hereinafter, SBC), Spanish taxpayer number B-61.128.823, registered at the Mercantile Registry Office in volume 29128, folio 0147, page 150187, with a registered office at Calle Mont-roig, Ático 2º, 08006, Barcelona, owner of the website, regulates the use of this website, confirms that SBC is the data controller in relation to the files containing personal data furnished by users through the website, and informs users of the website of its Privacy Policy in the matter of Personal Data Protection, of which SBC informs and which SBC communicates to them pursuant to the legislation in force on the subject found in Spain's Organic Act 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on Personal Data Protection, and in its developing Regulation approved through Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, 2007.

The purpose of doing so is to enable users of the website to freely and voluntarily determine if they wish to make available to SBC any personal data that may be required from them as a consequence of their viewing the contents of the website, of making any enquiry and/or of subscribing or being admitted as a registered and habitual user of the website.

User voluntarily authorizes and consents to automated processing of his personal data which are freely delivered by User through the website, by email, telephone, fax.

Thus, User explicitly accepts and consents to the data he makes available now or in the future being processed on a personal data file, explicitly and unequivocally consents to such data being communicated to other companies too.

SBC undertakes to ensure that the personal data files and the data furnished by the data owner shall be used for certain specific purposes, especially for:

a) Managing the contractual and extracontractual relationship with the company.
b) Making new offers and proposing new services.
c) Performing assessments and statistical studies of clients.
d) Sending users commercial advertising, the Newsletter, news or information at regular intervals.
e) Managing incidents.

SBC undertakes to duly report to User in writing any enlargement, modification or extension of the purposes and uses of the automated processing of data furnished by User. 3) DATA CONTROLLER
The data controller responsible for the files created is SBC, taxpayer number B-61.128.823, a lawfully registered and incorporated company having a registered office at Calle Mont-roig, Ático 2º, 08006, Barcelona.

SBC is responsible for the data being used in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and guarantees that it has taken all security measures of a technical and organizational description to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Organic Act 15/1999 and its implementing Regulation approved through Royal Decree 1720/2007.

SBC undertakes not to transfer or communicate any personal data furnished to it by User, except where necessary to improve the quality of the service or to communicate the data to other companies, which uses all fall within the contractual relationship agreed with SBC. The data owner explicitly and unequivocally authorizes the data eligible for processing to be transfered in these cases, with SBC undertaking to request User's authority once again, expressly and in writing, in case the data need to be transferred for other purposes not foreseen in this clause.

User may always revoke his acceptance of the processing of his data, according to the provisions of the Organic Act 15/1999 and of its implementing Regulation approved through Royal Decree 1720/2007. Consequently, the User and data owner may exercise at any time his rights of access, recitfication, cancellation and opposition in the terms foreseen in Organic Act 15/1999, by duly communicating the matter in writing in a registered letter to the following address: Calle Mont-roig, Ático 2º, 08006 Barcelona, or by any other means that provides evidence that the communication has been sent to the data controller. In the communication the data owner is required to mention and furnish his identification particulars, a photocopy of the National identification Card, his mailing address, telephone number, contact person's name, email address, and a written note stating the right being exercised as well as the reasons for doing so. The moment he exercises his rights, SBC undertakes to show the data collected by SBC, the purposes and uses for which the data has been delivered and processed in case the data owner exercises the right of access, to change and correct the data if the right in question is the right of rectification, to cease processing the data if User exercises the right of opposition, or to delete the data if User exercises rights of cancellation. In the latter case, according to the provisions of Section 16 of the Personal Data Protection Organic Act 15/1999, SBC shall keep the cancelled data even after the relationship has ended and, in any case, for the statutory period of time, purely and solely to make them available to the administrative or judicial authorities should it be necessary to do so and upon receiving an explicit request to that effect from the authorities.

As the data controller and as the party responsible for the website, SBC guarantees full compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Organic Act 15/1999 and of its developing Regulation approved through Royal Decree 1720/2007. SBC also guarantees the confidentiality of any data communicated to it by User, as well as due and diligent processing of the User's personal data. SBC undertakes not to disclose any confidential information, and not to disclose any data processed, except where it is explicitly required to do so by law or when such information or data is demanded by the responsible public authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

User shall in any case answer for the truthfulness of the data made available, without prejudice to SBC's right to exclude from the registered services all users who have made available false, imprecise or inaccurate data, without prejudice to such other steps as may be in order according to Law.

User is aware of and accepts the terms of SBC's privacy policy as stated, and hereby explicitly, freely and voluntarily consents to the automated processing of his personal data, in the terms set forth in these clauses. User consents to, and thus takes responsibility for, the sending of commercial communications and advertising offers by SBC to its registered users and customers.

Without prejudice to what is foreseen in the previous paragraph, User's explicit permission is requested to send him commercial information, by email or other equivalent electronic means of communication, on new SBC services. Thus, if User does not wish to be sent commercial and advertising information, he must explicitly say so in this clause, expressly stating that he does not wish to receive commercial, promotional or advertising information. .

To speed up the service provided, by promptly identifying each user, SBC shall use cookies. Cookies are data stored on the hard disk of the computer that speed up and optimize the server and service operations. All users may modify or reject a cookie. In the latter case, SBC warns User that the speed and quality of the service may be reduced.

The parties hereto hereby explicitly waive any other laws and jurisdictions to which they may be entitled to resort and accept the laws of Spain as the governing law of this agreement, as well the competence of jurisdiction of the Courts and Magistrates of Barcelona, for the event of any dispute that may arise over the interpretation or performance of this agreement.